How to write a project plan before starting an educational Project?

How to write a project plan before starting an educational Project?

A poorly planned project stands little chance of success. Things can go wrong like; running out of time (very common), mismatched expectations, reinventing the wheel. That’s why project plan is so important before starting any project.

Project Description:

Scheduling applications and widgets are very common and popular for organising your activities/events. Scheduling is very easy if you know when someone is busy or free.
 One of the most famous scheduling applications is google calendar which requires a user to place all his events in one place; he can share his schedule with his friends, family, co-workers and can view the schedule of others if they have shared their schedule with him.
But google calendar lacks its performance in some regards like it can’t help you rescheduling of the venues and meetings or classes, it can’t find clashes of the timings of other meetings/classes and venues. Now that is a problem while using google calendar and one thing more when a person (who have shared his schedule with you) reschedule his event it doesn’t notify you about the rescheduling of that event.

Why did it fit in my degree?

     The tools (HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, Bootstrap etc.) I will be using to develop my web application are totally related to web designing. And web designing is a rich field of computer science. I have a little introduction to internet technologies as we have studied the course introduction to web technologies (IWT) in foundation year. I will learn a lot of new things like web designing and web development while doing this project. So I think this project will help me out in achieving my career’s goals.

Project Introduction:

The project I am working on is a scheduling application and it will provide following services;
1.   It will help you to place your entire events in one place.
2.   It will notify you by alert tones/pop ups before the scheduled event.
3.   You will be able to get; daily, weekly and monthly view of your planned events and agendas.
4.   You will be able to send appointment request to anyone (who is using this application) and if he responds in positive according to his free slots then your appointment will be fixed with that person.
5.   It will help you reschedule your classes and venues without any clashes of time.
6.   And most importantly my application will be free of cost.

Gantt chart:

How to write a project plan before starting an educational Project?