Tips for Outdoor Photography

Tips for Outdoor Photography 

Get creative when you choose poses for an outdoor photo shots. When you take individual or group photos, you need to prepare something unusual to amuse and make happy your clients. Have a look at the following outdoor portrait photography poses to choose something to your taste.

1. Over the Shoulder

Over the shoulder girl pose for pictures

One of the classic outdoor portrait poses, which attracts with grace and informality. The woman can behave naturally, slightly gazing over the shoulder. What can be simpler? It looks so intriguing, as you can see only a little bit of her beautiful profile.
Over the shoulder sexy pose for girls

This pose helps to emphasize gentle proportions, neck and jaw.

2. Hands on Hips

Hands on hips pose for girls

This is a very interesting portrait outdoor trick. Ladies like it very much, as putting their hands on hips, make their waist look slimmer. 
Having chosen the suitable outfit, you may pose your model this way to express feminine power and confidence.

3. Close-Up

Closeup sexy girl pose

This is one of the easiest but powerful poses. The main accent is kept on the eyes, which have to show some feelings or look thoughtful. 

Closeup teen pose

Take this into account and prepare your clients. It is also called full frontal face, as all the facial features are clearly visible.

4. Involve Hands
Sexy girl pose for picture

You shouldn’t focus solely on the face, and also try outdoor photoshoot ideas involving hands. Such poses look very organic and pretty but don’t require special preparation. 

Red dressed teen pose for picture

You may experiment with hands on the knees, playing with hair, rubbing cheeks, or anything else that you can imagine.

5. Surface Lean

Sexy white dressed girl pose for picture

Use this pose if you feel that the model is uptight and even shy. She can lean or sit on the surface and pensively gaze into the distance.

Standing girl pose

Take pictures from different angles, while the model is changing focal points.

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Strolling girls pose

Some people think that it is similar to walking, but men do it in a specific way. It is quite a natural pose, so your model will feel at ease and can demonstrate emotions you want to see. Men can greatly work with this pose, bringing a personal touch.

7. One Leg Up

Red dressed teen pose

How to pose for pictures
Specializing in outdoor portrait photography, you can choose any location for the shooting, thus experimenting with diverse poses. This one implies that a man is sitting down or standing up with one leg up.
It also looks great if the model is leaning against the vertical surface. But t should be decided in every individual case.

8. Leaning Pose

Leaning pose of a teen girl

Want to show a model’s constitution? This is a great way to do it. Find a wall or a tree and ask your client to lean against it. In such a way, you may accentuate contrast lines and achieve a non-parallel effect.

9. Arching Arm

Teen outdoor pose

This is surely the first outdoor portrait photography pose you think about when you recall actors from action movies. Your model will look very powerful or even a little bit fierce posing with an arched arm. Pay attention to the facial expression and the eyes to get a consistent image.

10. Hands in Pockets

Girl puts her hands in pockets

Every portrait photographer truly loves this pose as it helps to show style and confidence each man can show. It would be better if your model found a distant focus point instead of looking directly at the camera.

11. Lying in the Grass

Teen girl lying in the grass pose

Working with couples, you have to be very attentive and control both partners. You can ask them to lie down in the grass and look at each other. Take care that they should wear clothes of any color but not green. It is also interesting if they pose with their eyes closed or keep their hands together.

12. The Forehead Kiss

Kissing couple pose

Love is greatly about kissing and hugging. That’s why you should try the forehead kiss pose while taking couple’s portrait pictures. It is so sweet to see a woman sincerely smiling while her beloved partner is kissing her on the forehead. It will help you put the models in the right mood to take many other beautiful shots.

13. Walking


Outdoor portrait photography enables you to involve more space in the photo. Thus, you can photograph the couple walking towards you or capture them going into the distance. Both variants have a peculiar charm and help you take dynamic images.

14. Intimate Looks

Kissing couple

It is so charming to see a loving couple dreamily gazing into each other’s eyes. They tend to smile and tightly hold their hands, and you need to capture these genuine emotions.

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15. In the car

Why not add big props for outdoor portrait photography? It will be very interesting to use a car with a couple sitting in it or posing near it. You may try vintage models to create a certain atmosphere.

16. Hand in Hand Stroll

Couples hands in hand walking

This may be a great beginning of your outdoor family photo session. Ask the parent to hold their children’s hands and walk towards you speaking about something, like there is nobody around. You will be able to take very realistic shots. If you want to get even more creative results, advise your clients to wear similar T-shirts.

17. Sit Down Family Portrait Poses

Family photography

This is one of the best family photography poses, as you may relax models and make them feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Family photography

Take several pictures from different angles, kneeling down to be at the eye level with both parents and children. They may face the camera or pretend that they’re having a picnic. Just remember to keep everything natural.

18. Kid’s Eye Level

Family photography pose

Make parents reach the children’s eye level. Thus, you can show that these people are united by family ties and love each other. The composition looks more balanced and has a deeper meaning.

19. Goof Around

Goof around pose

It is always interesting to add some motion to family outdoor portrait photography. They may play a game, jump or run, while you are taking lively shots. Any location will be good, but a forest or a park will be the best option.

20. Baby Lift

Baby lift photography

Only parents can decide if you should try this pose. In case the baby is accustomed to this activity at home, you won’t have any problems shooting. But if parents have never tried this before, you’d better not risk it.

Every photographer knows that practice makes perfect. This is applicable to outdoor portrait photography as well. So take your camera, follow the above-mentioned outdoor photo tips and enjoy the shooting process!

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