How to Decorate a Bedroom

How to Decorate a Bedroom

How to Decorate a Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a space you look forward to returning to at the end of a busy day. If you're not sure what to keep in mind when decorating your sleep space, we're here to help. Keep these key designer-approved tips in mind whether you're furnishing your room from scratch or just tackling some overdue upgrades.

Ensure Your Space Isn't Cramped

Sure, the idea of a large mattress may seem nice and luxurious, but not if it will make your entire sleep space appear teeny tiny as a result. "I would trade a king for a full any day if it gave me more floor space," notes Avery Cox of Avery Cox Design. You'll thank yourself later when you have room for nightstands on either side!

Cut the Clutter

Just as you don't want your bedroom to feel cramped with furniture, you don't want it to feel too cluttered with accessories and other belongings, either. Cox offers a few tips on securing storage even if your room is small. "Make sure your bedside table has a drawer in it, utilize bed skirts and under bed boxes, opt for a taller larger scale armoire or dresser to take advantage of vertical space, she offers. "Lastly, get as much up off the floor as possible," she adds. "I prefer wall hooks, large storage solutions like armoires, and high functioning bedside tables.

Skip the basket on the floor and get yourself a proper drawer for your extra throw blankets, et. cetera."

Keep Colors Subdued

Your bedroom probably isn't the place in which to experiment with all things neon. "For bedrooms, I love to stick with neutral, calming, and more muted colors," states Cristina Lehman of C.Lehman Home. Introduce whites, creams, soft blues, and other soothing shades and you're golden!

Decorate your bedroom

Make the Space Symmetrical

Lehman says that she always appreciates a symmetrical setup bedroom. "It adds to a calming feel by keeping things balanced," she says. For Lehman, this means matching nightstands with matching lamps or sconces. "Or if there's a window on one side of the bed, I like to add a similar sized mirror on the other side to visually balance the look," she adds.

Add Some Extra Furniture

Decorate your bedroom

Your bedroom should be home to more than just a bed, dresser, and nightstands, of course. Consider other ways in which you plan to utilize the space and buy furnishings accordingly. "I love a bench or some sort of seating at the foot of the bed with a rug underneath the bed to ground the space," Lehman shares. "If space allows, I also like to have a comfy/cozy reading nook or a separate table for journaling, having coffee or an extra workspace." With working from home now more common than ever, you may wish to set up a small desk area equipped with a task lamp and computer monitor, particularly if you share a home with many family members or roommates and need your own quiet place to think.


Hang Some Wallpaper

Go ahead and give those walls a little love! "Layering patterns make a room more inviting and interesting," says Ann Jackson of Ann Jackson Art. "Using wallpaper in a bedroom can add to this and elevate the space." Not up for covering all four walls? Try an accent wall behind the bed, which, according to Jackson, "creates a focal point, adding that extra element of pattern, color, and texture."

Stock Up on Sheets

By no means do you want to own just one set of sheets—in the event of last minute spills (we've all spilled water on ourselves right before bed!), you'll want to have at least one extra bedding set on hand. Plus, this will take the pressure off when it comes to laundry, visitors, and the like. If you find sheets that you love, grab a few sets and stash extras away in your closet or in an under bed bin,

Prep For Changing Temps

On a related note, when you purchase your sheets, grab at least one set that's suitable for winter and others that are better for spring and summer if you live in a region that experiences all four seasons. Flannel is great for chillier months, while breathable linen will allow you to sleep nice and soundly on warmer nights.

Don't Forget Some Lamps

You'll want a few lighting options so that you don't have to solely rely upon your overhead light. Grab a table lamp for at least one of your nightstands (or hang up some chic sconces) and consider placing another on the dresser. These smaller light fixtures will come in handy as you wind down with a book or TV show before dozing off. Plus, you'll thank yourself when you don't have to get out of bed to turn the lights on or off—it's nice to always have at least one lamp within reach.

Decorate your bedroom

Purchase a Hamper

Purchase a sizable hamper and use it! It's all too tempting to toss clothes onto a chair or directly on the floor, but you want to keep your sleep space tidy, right? Whether you opt for a woven basket or cloth bag, pick something that complements your room's color scheme so that it feels like less of an eyesore.








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