iPhone users claim iOS 15.4 update draining battery

iPhone users claim iOS 15.4 update draining battery

iPhone users took to Twitter to express their frustration of sinking battery levels after they installed the latest Apple software, iOS 15.4, reported ..

A user disappointedly asked, "why can't Apple get ever get their releases right the first time?"

Even though this problem occurs each time a new update rolls out, users still have not gotten used to it.

One user commented that the battery draining this quick was "shocking".

Patience key on battery issue

According to the tech publication, there will come a time after a few days of the update that the iPhone will regain its battery stability.

When new software gets installed, an iPhone starts to run and update multiple applications in the background. This causes the battery to index and recalibrate.

While it creates an impression of deteriorating battery level, it is actually not deteriorating.

This, of course, does not apply to older handsets whose battery health is less than perfect or near to it.

Users can check their battery health by going to Settings, searching "Battery" and clicking on Battery Health. 

Regardless, it'll be a shame to not upgrade an iPhone to iOS 15.4. 

This update brings to you face recognition with mask on, a new American voice to Siri, improved Live Text integration in notes, and a new anti-stalking prompt for AirTags.