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What is Pinterest? What is the Purpose of Pinterest?

What is Pinterest?

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Pinterest, Inc. is an American web based systems administration web and flexible application association. It works an item structure expected to engage saving and disclosure of information on the World Wide Web using pictures and, for a more diminutive extension, GIFs and accounts. The site was created by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra.

What is the purpose of Pinterest?
Pinterest is a visual social bookmarking site that permits individuals to gather and compose photographs, articles, and different types of substance as indicated by explicit territories of intrigue.

How do you use Pinterest?
Pinterest is a profoundly visual virtual pinboard website that lets you "pin" or gather pictures from the Web. You make sheets to assist you with arranging your pictures and add portrayals to remind you why you bookmarked them in any case.

What is the concept of Pinterest?
Pinterest is a casual association that licenses customers to apparently share, and find new interests by posting (known as 'nailing' on. Pinterest) pictures or accounts to their own or others' sheets (for instance a combination of 'pins,' generally with an average subject) and scrutinizing what various customers have stuck.

Can my followers see what I search on Pinterest?

The searches you make on Pinterest are not visible to others. Only the Pins you save to Public (not secret) Boards on your profile can be seen by public. Your Searches are only visible to you.

Can people chat on Pinterest?
Pinterest adds a messaging service button to App. People can chat easily about Pins. People can send Inbox their Pins and Boards to their friends and followers.

Is Pinterest free to use?
Yes Pinterest is free to use. You will need only Email for registration. When you done registration, you can upload images (Pin), You can create different categories (Boards) for your images. 

How safe is Pinterest?
Pinterest is as protected to use as most other online networking sites. 
Since clients must sign in with an email and secret word secure their records. It likewise doesn't expect you to enter individual or money related data. Along these lines, you have little to bargain by joining. You greatest concerns are spam or tricks from different clients. So it's protected to utilize.

Can I use Pinterest without any account?
Yes you can use Pinterest without any account. You can browse all images of Pinterest. 

Is Pinterest still popular?

Purpose of Pinterest?

Pinterest Statistics. Pinterest has 265 million month to month dynamic clients. Pinterest included more US clients in 2017-2018 than Facebook and Twitter consolidated. Pinterest drives 33% more traffic to shopping locales than Facebook.

How do you get famous on Pinterest?

7 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers : 

1..Post Original Content (Pins) 

2..Repin Content from Others. 

3..Follow People. 

4..Use Keywords in Descriptions. 

5..Run a Pinterest Contest. 

6..Be There! 

7..Connection Pinterest to Your Other Social Websites.

The Top 10 Users On Pinterest:

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  • Joy Cho, 5.2 million+ followers.
  • Jane Wang, 4.9 million+ followers.
  • Bonnie Tsang, 3.2 million+ followers.
  • Bekka Palmer, 3.1 million+
  • Cathie Hong, 3.0 million+
  • Evelyn, 2.6 million+
  • Christine Martinez, 2.6 million+
  • Mike D, 2.5 million+
Still these numbers are increasing, because Millions of users joining Pinterest daily.

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