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Google Adsense disabled | How to Appeal for disabled adsense account?

Google Adsense disabled

'' Google Adsense account disabled '' this is a common problem now days. But a nightmare for beginners. Once you get approval from Google adsense but then Google disabled your account.
Why Google disable adsense accounts.?
Here is some reasons. 

Reasons for Google Adsense account disability :

  • Malware, phishing & other harmful activities. Don't use Google services for .
Google is for fair using, if you want to work with Google so you should avoid Malware, Phishing & other harmful activities. Because Google will not allow their services for these kind of activities. 
  • Account hacking or hijacking.
If Google note some kind of suspicious activities on your website or blog so Google will disabled your account. If Google noticed your account is hacked so Google will automatically disable it. 
  • Use of multiple accounts for abuse.
Now Google allows only one account for one user. You can add your 10 website into a single adsense account. That's why Google disable multiple adsense accounts. 
  • Spamming.
If you are involved in someone kind of spamming activities, So Google will disable your account. Be fair. 
  • Child exploitation.
Google doesn't allow child exploitation. So if on your website there is data about child explanation Google will immediately disabled it. 
  • Creating a false identity to deceive people.
Google will disable your account if your identity is false. Be real and add your real address into your account and also verify your identity in Google. 
  • Terrorist content.
Your content must be good. Google can't promote terrorist content. 
So be genuine and write good kind of content. Otherwise Google will take action against you. 
  • High call volumes.
Don't use Google services to send a large number of calls to a telephone exchange for financial gain (traffic pumping).

  • Breaking Products Policey :
If your break any kind of Google product policy your account will be disabled.

These were the reasons that why Google disable our accounts.
But if you think your account is disabled by mistake and you don't do anything suspicious, you can appeal and Google will reinstate your account. 

How to appeal for disabled adsense account?

If your account is disabled by Google you can still appeal for it 
Go to the Email you received from Google adsense 

Click on our appeal process
You will be redirected to the Invalid Activity Appeal page or invalid traffic appeal page. You have to fill up all boxes, all data they need. 

Please enter your name. *

Type Your name 

Contact email address


Example URLs or app ID where you've placed your ads *

Your website.comURLs or App ID where you intend to place the ads (should be active)
Your website. ComHave you ever purchased traffic to your site(s), mobile app(s), and/or YouTube channel(s)? 


Select No


How do users get to your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel? How do you promote your content? *

Users reach to my website or blogger through Google search engine. And also through the social media as well, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest as well. 

Have you or your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel ever violated the AdSense program policies or Terms & Conditions? If so, how? *

I'm a fair user of google adsense and it's products. I never violented Google adsense Policies. 

What was the reason for invalid activity on your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel? Please provide detailed information about all specific reasons that you believe to be relevant in your case. *

I'm a fair user of google adsense and it's products. Well known of the adsense Policies and terms & conditions. May be someone in my competitors done this to me and put some invalid clicks on my websites. That's why my account disabled by adsense. 

What changes will you implement to help improve ad traffic quality on your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel? When answering, please refer to our suggestions on how to prevent invalid activity. *

I will understand my website traffic through Google analytics. I will make better my ads implementation so the people will not accidentally click on my ads. I will attract people organically and according to the adsense Policies. I will use Google adsense help forum if I need. I will notify Google adsense if I note something suspicious on my website . 

Please include any data from your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel traffic logs or reports that indicate suspicious IP addresses, referrers, or requests which could explain invalid activity. *

Google adsense actually first time disable my account so I don't have any kind of data about the suspicious IP addresses. 

Then submit it for the review. 

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